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Tuesday, November 05, 2019

ZeeWorld Stuns Fans, Bringback Ganga

Zeeworld is a station in the popular Multi-choice decoder that transmits many other stations to millions of viewers in Nigeria. The multichoice product offers Zeeworld which is a station that airs Indian related movies of peculiar nature. It deals with subjects such as love and romance with a deep appreciation of Indian culture and religion.

The widely watched movies of Zeeworld consist of series of monologue like movies which shows sometimes for months. Even though a particular movie may be aired in different episodes for months, it is still widely watched because of the use of suspense and other thrilling aspects of movies.

They have announced to their fans that they are set to commence airing another part of a movie that they ended about 3 months ago and many fans of the station have been stunned over the announcement.

They were expecting that the station could come up with new m0ovies but it is now clear that fans may continue watching Ganga till the end of this year.


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