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Sunday, December 08, 2019

Farmer Dresses Up His Dog Like a Tiger to Scare Monkeys from His Farm

A farmer has reportedly done the nearly impossible to ward off monkeys who were ruining the farm by destroying crops. He dressed up his dog as a Tiger and kept the dog on his farm

Monkeys are known to destroy crops by eating them up and destroying yet to be harvested mature crops on the farm.

Since some farmers do not prefer to use chemicals and other traps to ward off pests and animals that destroy the crops, the use of biological methods is now popular because it has little impact on the crops.

The hilarious photo looked quite absurd as a long-distance view of the dog creates the impression that one is seeing a Tiger.

Many people admired the farmer for conceiving such a splendid idea while others doubted if that would scare the monkeys from his farm.

The photo of the dog was shared on social media and people reacted to it.


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