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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Impeachment – Nigerians Divided Over Trump

 The impeachment of President Donald Trump by the Democrats in the United States House of Representatives has generated reactions from different parts of the world because Donald ump is now the third resident in American history to be impeached.

Reactions have also trailed the impeachment of Donald Trump in Nigeria as both Christians and Moslems argue over whether the Democrats are right in impeaching Trump.

Being a highly religious country, Christians in Nigeria have built the idea of ump as an anointed leader who is fighting the Christian course. Their argument for this stems from the declaration of Jerusalem as Isreal's capital by ump and some radical statements to countries where Christians are being persecuted.

Christians were sympathetic to Donald ump but not Moslems who felt that his anti-migrant policies may go against Islamic faithful who are fleeing wars in Lybia and many other countries.

Notable pentecostal leaders are known to support the trump presidency and consider the Democrats as enemies of light out to destroy God’s chosen leader. 
They rest their hope in the belief that the Senate will salvage ump from the embarrassing impeachment


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