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Sunday, December 08, 2019

(Opinion) The Igala People of Kogi State Have Lost Their Sacred Elephant

The people of Kogi state have their unique cultural identities and symbols which has been an important part of their lives for many centuries. It is the same with the Igala people of Kogi state.

The elephant symbol means the strength and power of the people when they work together.
The elephant which has given the people dominion in gi state politics has passed away due to greed and lust for wealth by the political elites among them.

At one time they popular northern slogan born to rule was on the lips of members of the ethnic group that constitute the largest in Kogi state. It was natural for two or more political aspirants from different background to contest for the highest office in the land yet one of them will emerge victoriously.

Aspirants from other ethnic groups stood no chance and it seemed like it was going to remain so until they were shocked by electoral defeat because their political cohesion was politically broken from top to bottom.


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