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Sunday, January 05, 2020

Cardi B Tweets on Plans to Adopt Nigerian Citizenship

The raging water of words between the American President Donald Trump and the government of the Islamic Republic of ran over the killing of a senior general in theI Iranian armY Gen. Soleimani, made the celebrity Cardi B to detest being an American.

Apart from Cardi B, the democrats in America are not satisfied with the reasons given by Donald Trump for the assassination of the Iranian neral. Trump claims that the action was taken to protect national security.

What caught the attention of most Nigerians was her tweet which sites Nigeria as a possible alternative if she dumps her American citizenship. Cardi B taking up Nigerian citizenship because she detests Donald ump sounds weird to many Nigerians that are familiar with the social clime in Nigeria.

With the rousing reception that she enjoyed last year when she visited Nigeria, the rapper may have some very good ideas about the Nigerian music industry and the people especially after choosing a Nigerian name Chioma.


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