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Friday, January 10, 2020

I would love to visit Nigeria - Lil Wayne (See Video)

Popular American rapper, Lil Wayne has expressed his desire to visit Nigeria.

The rapper hinted in a recent interview that he would love to visit Nigeria.

The interviewer asked why he wanted to visit, and he replied that it’s because Nigeria is ‘lit.’
Watch the video below;
Lil Wayne the GOAT says he wants to Visit Nigeria as he believes Nigeria is Lit. Cardi B wants to Relocate to Nigeria with Offset & now Lil Wayne wants to come here. 8 days into January & we are already leading with a Wide Margin over our Noisy Neighbours.

You Love To See It 💪

I can bet my life savings, cardi B positive Pr about Nigeria has a hand in Lil Wayne's choice

Even Lil Wayne wants to visit Nigeria.
Just 8 days into 2020 and Ghana has lost so much already 😂

Khebab FC 0 - 2 Naija Jollof

Nigeria will forever be lit to strangers and visitors as long as we treat them better than we treat ourselves. ✌🏽

That said, Lil Wayne coming to Nigeria will tell our “bredehs and sistehs” that we’re not mates.

Lil Wayne must queue for visa and undergo plenty questions before being granted a Nigerian visa!

Nigeria is a premium destination now,we can’t be allowing everybody come in anyhow.


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