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Sunday, January 05, 2020

Trollers Blast Yemi Alade For Claiming to be “Beauty” Personified

Those who have followed singer Yemi Alade n her Instagram wall lately will take note of one of her posts which drew wide criticisms from fans and critics. The celebrity made fun of her followers by calling them beholders or simply spectators.

That means a lot to fans who understand that for everything that exists in the material world, there is an ideal existence from which they all carry their quality. 

Yemi Alade bluntly stated that she is beauty and that all her fans are just beholders. She added that as a caption to a photo which some fans have described as beautiful.

However, fans who were observant noted that it was because of the statistics of the top 20 most viewed videos released by Youtube in which Yemi Alade’s Song performed well that she made such post.

Critics argue that since it was her fans that made her achieve the feat, the glory should have returned to them are not Yemi Alade who now prides herself as beauty and her fans as mere spectators.


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