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Tuesday, April 07, 2020

You're Really Mis-Informed If You Believe In The Conspiracy Theory That Connects 5G With Coronavirus (MUST READ)

You're Really Miss Informed If You Believe In The Conspiracy Theory That Connects 5G With Coronavirus (MUST READ)
You're Really Miss Informed If You Believe In The Conspiracy Theory That Connects 5G With Coronavirus 

What do you expect when some of our political leaders and religious leaders are the ones in the fore-front of spreading a bunch of unverified information, they would not want to learn.
It’s looks deeply like some spiritual leaders and political leaders really want to take the advantage of the high rate of illiteracy in this country to gain cheap popularity.
Dino Melaye and Pastor Chris are both on this table.
As leaders, you need to LEARN, RELEARN & UNLEARN.

What Exactly Is 5G?
What is known as 5G is an improvement on today’s 4G technology, it’s the 5th Generation of mobile network operations that has more capability and speed.
With 5G technology, you can download a 1gb file in one second which explains how useful it will be internet-wise and mobile networking around the world.

5G Network Cannot Be Achievable Anytime Soon
According to experts, some countries have started working on necessary infrastructures to achieve 5G networking and of course it will take longer than we all imagined before it can be achieved.
This is because the 5G network will require more masts closer to each other and it’s been estimated that the United States Of America alone will need up to 1 million masts to make 5G everywhere in the country.
It’s been estimated that 5G won’t be available worldwide until 2025.

So, what’s all the stress about?

Why 5G Does Not Have Anything To Do With Coronavirus Pandemic?
Excuse me, who formulates this conspiracy theory making rounds?
The people who are preaching conspiracy theory believed that this Coronavirus is powered by world leaders who want to control the world with 5G technology. Oh no ☹️
They believed that Coronavirus is released into the world to create fear in people so they will be forced to accept a vaccine which will come with a digital chip

The pastors call this an anti-christ move to take over the world saying the Digital Chip will be used to control our body system, bank accounts and all which is not even possible.
I am not surprised pastors are the ones championing these theories, they need to create fear in people to make them stay glued to the church where there is no cure for virus obviously.
Does this mean, Italy, China, the US, UK and other powerful countries suffering from coronavirus pandemic lay down the lives of their people because of 5G?
Does this mean, UK prime minister and other world leaders positive of coronavirus infected themselves because of 5G?
Coronavirus is a Viral Disease which infects a susceptible Human whom have come in contact with an already infected human or a Carrier, while 5G is an advanced Technology.
Coronavirus has spread significantly in countries that have NO 5G, so where is the theory of 5G causing spread of the virus coming from.
Let us be sensible please, let’s stop attaching religious sentiments to everything.

About Health Implications Of 5G And Other Disadvantages
No doubt, 5G technology will be helpful for world technological advancement but it has disadvantages which can be taken care of.
The same way mobile phone and wifi were tipped to cause cancer due to radiation is the same way 5G has been tipped to be more harmful but the truth remains that there is no hard evidence to prove that 5G can cause a serious health issue.
If we can survive under the present radiation we are having now, 5G could be less harmful because scientists said, it carries radiowaves found at the low end of the electromagnetic spectrum, and as such produces non-ionizing radiation, meaning they do not damage the DNA in cell tissue.
The issue of 5G shouldn’t be what we will be worried about now, let’s keep on abiding with instructions as we fight Coronavirus, hopefully, a cure that will circulate worldwide will be found soon.

At this point, we should all put voice together to ensure all the billions of Naira donated to the government to fight this virus be put to good use.
What Are Your Thoughts On This?

Do You Believe In The Conspiracy Theory That Says 5G Is Connected With Coronavirus?
Drop your comments
Source: SuperXclusive


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