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Saturday, August 29, 2020

Top 10 Upcoming Artistes Olamide Has Helped In Last 5 Years In The Music Industry (No. 8 Is All Blown Now)

It’s amazing how one person has been able to extend the hand of help to many people below him during his life journey.

Olamide was one-time an unknown upcoming artiste in the creek hood of Bariga, he understands everything all upcoming artistes are going through and he knows being an A-list artiste, a help as little as collaboration would go a long way, not to even talk of investing on them.

Even though he has been criticized many times for trying to help coming artistes without signing them properly, he still never stopped putting young niggas on.

The fact is, whether he gives any upcoming artiste proper signing or not, their career will experience massive improvement once there is a Baddo hand in it.

In 2017, we posted, “12 Nigerian Artistes Olamide Has Helped Blow” the post had artistes Olamide had helped since when he came to limelight till 2016.
From 2016 to date, Olamide is still in the business of helping upcoming artistes.

It is, however, important to point out upcoming artistes’ Olamide has helped in the past 5 years.
In No Particular Order Below Are Top 10 Upcoming Artistes Olamide Has Helped In Last 5 Years In The Music Industry:-

1. Limerick

He joined YBNL in 2018 as a promising English with a blend of pidgin rapper on the YBNL team.
Olamide made Limerick brand a YBNL project after featuring on the track titled “Pesin” by Limerick himself.
After, “Pesin“, Limerick released a couple of projects under YBNL and was also involved in the YBNL Mafia album before his disappearance.

The reason behind his sudden disappearance from YBNL was not made public but it appears, Limerick himself wasn’t fit to succeed with the label.

But with what Olamide has done for him while in YBNL, Limerick has chances of making it big in the music industry, only if he didn’t give up.

2. Lyta

He was signed to YBNL the way and time when Limerick was signed too.
Unlike LimerickLyta had a rather successful career run with YBNL.
After the release of his song “Time” featuring Olamide, and “Selfmade” Lyta appeared to be the most valuable artiste under YBNL at that time.

Lyta‘s successful career run under YBNL at a point was met with an influx of label signings with no clear plan from the label as Olamide just want to help as much artiste as he could.
After several months of not releasing songs, Lyta summoned the courage to leave YBNL and moved to a rather serious investor looking to continue handling his music career from where Olamide had stopped.

While speaking on Naijaloaded TVLyta made it known that he never had a written contract with Olamide and he is grateful for everything he has done for him.
He said;
“I don’t have any deal with YBNL or Olamide. Olamide saw me on the street and helped me, I don’t have any written contract with him…
YBNL and Olamide with always be part of my story. God bless Olamide, thank you for everything. No love lost.
Judging Lyta‘s latest song “Hold Me Down” where he hailed Olamide, it shows that Lyta is still very grateful to Olamide for all he has done for him.

3. Picazo

After his sensational Chinko Ekun‘s “Able God” challenge video went viral, Olamide got interested in the light-skinned young artiste and wasted no time to announce him as a YBNL Mafia Family.

Picazo’s attachment into YBNL family at that time first resulted in a free collaboration with Olamide on the song, “Macaroni” and a clean all-expense paid music video.
He was also included in the YBNL Mafia album alongside other YBNL acts at that time.

With much gratitude to OlamidePicazo moved to Senior Boyz record to continue his music career.

4. Yomi Blaze

Moments after his friend Picazo got pulled up to YBNL, Olamide announced Yomi Blaze as YBNL Mafia Family member too.

Just like PicazoYomi Blaze got his own Olamide‘s collaboration on the song “Ika” and a dope music video.
Just when the Lyta saga was on, Yomi Blaze became unheard of. Words on the street had it that he was traumatized about getting dropped from YBNL.
From the look of things, Yomi Blaze is still putting the platform Olamide gave him to good use despite not having a record deal.

He’s got good songs out now such as “OG” and “Purpose” featuring Limerick and Jaaysounds.

5. Bella Shmurda

Olamide showed interest in Bella Shmurda‘s music when his “Vision 2020 freestyle video” went viral last year.
The YBNL boss went ahead to give the young chap a rare privilege of collaboration on the remix of the song.

We also heard that Olamide paid for the music video shoot as a way of encouraging the LASU rising act.
Do you see why God will always bless Baddo now?

6. Jaido P

Fast-rising act, Jaido P is actually the latest beneficiary of Olamide‘s helping hands for young and coming artistes in the Nigerian music industry.
Just when fans were expecting something from Baddo, he posted a short snippet of the street relatable song, “Tesinapot” where Jaido P featured him.

This song is actually a big boost for Jaido P‘s music career as it is currently enjoying massive plays and streams.
If you’re a lover of street music and you’ve not listened to “Tesinapot” by Jaido P featuring Olamide, you’re missing a lot.
It is important to say that this song raised Jaido P clearly above his closest rap rival (I won’t mention name) in the music industry. All thanks to Olamide🙏

Maybe the Jaido P‘s closest rival will level up when Vector or Reminisce jumps on a track with him – No pun intended.

7. Davolee

After the likes of Chinko EkunLil KeshAdekunle Gold and others left YBNL, Davolee was the next street act to benefit from Olamide‘s kind gesture.

He was introduced as a YBNL act in 2016 when he performed his very first version of “Festival Bar“.
Davolee who was just a mushin studio rat and an unknown Instagram rapper became a big star when Olamide laid hands on his career.
Rodo, as he is fondly, called worked very hard at YBNL but his journey with the label ended after the release of YBNL Mafia Family album.

He left the label based on some understandable personal decision which he revealed in “Festival Bar Part 4“.
Davolee is doing well today as an artiste just because Olamide got involved in his musical journey.

8. Fireboy

His signing into YBNL did not make any noise compared to others he got signed with at the same time.
Fireboy is the artiste Olamide had a pen to paper contract with when he was still harboring LytaPicazoLimerickDavolee, and others in the label.

He’s good plenty of good music in his bank and Olamide‘s influence in his music career cannot be underestimated.
This is a guy, Olamide showers praise on at every opportunity because he so much believed in him.
The industry knew Fireboy through Olamide and of course, the young champ is on his way to going international as a result of Olamide‘s influence and YBNL’s movement.

Olamide is no doubt a living legend for nurturing this kind of talent.

9. Jack Millz

Olamide decided to make an album of 9 tracks with 9 featured artistes, most of which are upcoming artistes who are not known at all in the industry.

The album was titled “999” and one of the most prominent upcoming acts on the album was “Jack Millz“.
While narrating how he met some of the upcoming acts on the album, Olamide said;
I stumbled on Sosa-E and Jackmillz on my IG explore page they are the future.
Jack Millz featured on the 6th track of the album titled “Demon” and also “Dance With The Devil” alongside Sosa E.

His great lyrical delivery on the album was noticed by many and of course, it was a great opportunity for him to be featured in such an iconic project.

10. Jay-Boi

The story of how Jay-Boi, an upcoming artiste working at IBD hotel in Abeokuta made it to Olamide‘s “999” album is so interesting.

Olamide put him on the album just to help him showcase his talent to the world.
Describing how he met, Jay-BoiOlamide said;
“People should watch out for Jayboi met him in Abeokuta IBD hotel.
He served me drinks and started freestyling for hours, he didn’t wanna leave.
I just had to put him on .. Cant wait to see him shine
The 7th track of the album “Mojo” had Jay-Boi dropping some weird bars and many acknowledged his talent on the album.

Jay-Boi got a whole lot of media attention after the “999” album dropped.
God will continue to bless Olamide for always putting young artistes on.
In the journey of life, it’s about how many people can actually point to you as a source of their success and not how successful you become.

Once again, I say Olamide is a legend, he has worked hardpaid his dues, and helped people to succeed – how else can someone qualify to be a legend?
Do You Think There Are Other Artistes Who Should Be On This List?
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Source: Naijaloaded


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