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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

COVID-19 SCREENING/TEST RESULT/COVID-19 VACCINE JAB/Covid-19 Vaccine Card/Covid-19 Patient Home Care

COVID-19 SCREENING/TEST RESULT/COVID-19 VACCINE JAB/Covid-19 Vaccine Card/Covid-19 Patient Home Care

Do your screening with us, Get your COVID-19 Vaccine Card & Refer your COVID-19 Home Care cases to Us at XtremeBlue International

Until you receive your test result, DO NOT STOP self isolating yourself

XtremeBlue Travels and Tour

Contact Us for your COVID-19 TESTING

The following people need COVID-19 Screening/ test result:

➡️Individuals who have booked for their international flights. They will need to present NEGATIVE COVID-19 Test result at the airport

➡️Individuals who just returned from any foreign country, they need to isolate themselves for 2 weeks and undergo COVID-19 SCREENING. Test result will be submitted

➡️ Pre-employment COVID-19 SCREENING, for newly employed workers before assumption of duty

➡️ Individuals who have had contact with confirmed COVID-19 CASES (They should know their status by undergoing the test)

You can avoid the long queue at the various testing centers in Nigeria.

Contact us: our trained personnel will take your sample at the comfort of your home and samples are taken to the testing centers to be analysed. Your result/certificate will be delivered to you after 24 hours of sample collection.

Our center is accredited for COVID-19 SCREENING (PCR) by NCDC.

Contact us, anywhere in Nigeria, we will get in touch with you.

WhatsApp @ +234(0)7035241233

XtremeBlue International

XBI Medical Services


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