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Friday, June 10, 2022

Undisputed Truth: The Greatness of Blacks in the World ✊๐Ÿผ



• The richest person in the history of the earth was Mansa Musa du mali (Black)

• The greatest Pop musician was Michael Jackson (Black)

• The greatest jazz singer "The famous Aretha Franklin. (Black)

• The greatest footballer was Pรจle (Noir)

• The biggest boxer was Muhammed Ali (Black)

• The biggest and richest golfer is Tiger Woods (Black)

• The greatest Basketball player was Michael Jordan (Black)

• The biggest runner and only world record is Usain Bolt (Black)

• The biggest female tennis player is Serena Williams (Black)

• The biggest Hip Hop artist was 2 PAC (Black)

• The greatest philosophers were Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr (Blacks)

• The greatest Reggae artist was Bob Marley (Black)

• The most educated President was Robert Mugabe (Black)

• The world's greatest President was Nelson Mandela (Black)

• The man who successfully carried out the American space shuttle to the moon was called "Arineitwe" a Ugandan (Black)

• The most famous general was Colin Luther Powell (Black)

• The great surgeon in the world is Ben Carson (Black)

• The greatest Medical invention...The revolutionary robot used in brain surgery by the Franco-Beninese Bertin Nahum (Black).

• The next great person is You! 

• Stop thinking that white people are superior to Us. 

• Black people are not the lowest in this world either! 

• Start to discover the superiority in You. 

• Let us wake up dear African brothers.

Together, we are great people !!


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