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Sunday, July 10, 2022


A Nurse on Twitter have come out to narrate the story behind her smile and her family. She said "I met my husband in 2015 when I had just entered a Nursing school. It all began at MSSN tutorial when we were all asked to introduce ourselves by him as he was the one to take us through Anatomy and Physiology then, Immediately  I mentioned my name, he retorted by saying ‘’oops, you bear same name with my mum’’. He always directed questions to me then at Tutorial. I guess he was just trying to be nice. (lol)

He got closer to me afterwards possibly to know me better until few weeks to our first weeding exam and that is just about 3 months after our first encounter, which I will later understand it’s a day to his birthday that he decided to spill out the beans that he loves me. That caught me unawares as issue of dating is the least thing on my mind as at the time because the exam ahead will be the decider of my being a Nurse or not. At first, I didn’t even know the response to give him so I told him I will think about it.  

He responded that I should take my time to make my decision that he can wait till whenever, this response was one of the highlight.   I have never seen a man wanting to ask a lady out and still being arrogant at it, part of his pickup line was that ‘’he hates rejection’’.
You can imagine that from someone who does not even know whether I already have a boyfriend or not, we still joke about that till today.  Afterwards, we kept in touch with each other via chatting as I had to leave the school after my exam until I am shortlisted to the next stage
It was during this waiting period that I gave my Yes in February 2016 because why not, he is smart, intelligent and lovable and that was how it all started.  He was in final year then, which means we spent just about 7 months together in the school. The way Nursing school is structured, you cannot really do like love birds, another being the fact that I am generally the shy type, I think we probably went out together one time while he was still in school so few months later, he graduated and started working.

We rarely see because of his work and obviously my crazy school schedule despite being in the same city. My husband later moved to Kano to further his education, being in Kano made it much more difficult to see but throughout 6 years of dating, even though I could count the number of times we saw physically, something stood out, I can say boldly that there was no day that we both wake up and won’t communicate either via chat or phone call, we even do both every day. We would be on phone for hours and bonded very well.This really helped us build our relationship plus the fact that we trust and do not doubt each other. 
There are several sayings that long distance relationship doesn’t work but I would say ours is different. It made us stronger in love (chuckles)

Moving forward to 2020, Covid lockdown and ASUU strike are the two triggers that made him decide to start the UK processing with his Nursing certificate. The relocation turned out to be the best decision we have ever made. December of 2020, he had passed all his exams and the relocation was getting clearer by the day, it was not hard for him to tell me we needed to get married before he travelled and at the same time, it was not hard for me to accept to marry him.

This was because since the beginning of the relationship, there was no doubt that was what I wanted. However, what was hard was having to convince my mum I wanted to do Nikkah, will stop my BNSc and my husband would be travelling some weeks after to the UK whilst I join him 3month after. It was hard because of the environment we grew up in, where there are different news of husband abandoning their wife after getting abroad. Being a Nurse has a smooth pathway to relocating to another country which made it easier for her to later accept.

We did our AQID on April 5, 2021 and moved to the UK afterwards. We welcomed our first daughter on 5th of January 2022 which was exactly 9months after our Nikah. We were hoping she would be delivered on the 4 th of January which was my husband’s birthday but alas she came 2hrs after in the midnight. (lol). What helped us in this journey is the fact that we are transparent with each other and regular communication can never be overemphasized to make a relationship work, we don’t give room for doubt and it is worthy of note that 6years together I can’t remember any big argument that we had.

My husband and I have always been there and made sacrifices for each other for our relationship to work and whatever we enjoy today is through our hard work. He is my best friend, my confidant and soulmate. Thank you for reading."

This is really not just a story, it's an experience of a Nurse teaching us all that True love exists and never dies.


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