About Memo Naija

Memo Naija is a blog created by Obembe Sunday Dapo [Sirphren], with the intention of dishing out matters that interest him with the rest of Nigerians and the world.

What is Memo Naija?

According to us here, MEMO Naija stands for Music, Education, and Make Money Online in Nigeria PLUS Biographies, Advice & Life hacks, Top list and Naija Breaking News

M = Music (Naija Songs & Videos) Gospel, Hip Hop, Ragae etc (Music is a good food for the soul).

E = Education (School [especially Nursing], How to do some things [at home and online])

M O = [Make] Money Online (We share legit ways to make money online in Nigeria)

  • Advice & Life Hacks
  • Biographies of celebrity from all spheres of life
  • Top list/Names of things or human from particular walk of life
  • Promoting Businesses and Talents
On this blog, we make sure you attain the best version of you. We make sure you pursue and achieve your dreams. We make sure you impact your generation. Because when you do, it gives Memo Naija happiness.


  • Motivate our readers to be the best in the area of self development and other aspects of life.
  • Give timely educational articles and tips to help students in High school, college and university students
  • To share Biographies of celebrities in Nigeria as many as we can.
  • To entertain our readers with not just any music but music/songs that can enrich their lives.
  • To give honest review of whatever products or talents we choose to share.

Memo Naija is owned by Assist Blogger [SirPhren]