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Hey Lovely!

Welcome to post submission page of Memo Naija. Do you have any article you want to publish and show your family and friends what you have written?

Memo Naija accepts publication of articles in Naija news, Motivation, Entertainment (jokes, audio music, video), Gist, Education, poem and so on.

Guidelines to follow

  1. Make sure you do not attack any tribe or religion with your article.
  2. Provide images with your article to help our audiences understand your point more.
  3. You can submit your article in pidgin if that will enable you pass across your message easily.
  4. When you submit news, please ensure to include the source for verification and security purposes.
  5. If your article has video that gives better explanation, send it with your article.

What will you gain?

You will be credited the author of any article you bring to us. And if your article is the most popular with at least 500 with 24hours of publication, you will be rewarded by Memo Naija.

How to achieve this?

Share the article on your various social media and encourage your friends to do same.

To have your article published, kindly reach out to us at [email protected] or tap on the WhatsApp icon to chat with the admin.

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